Cristia Arcega Chapter 1 Analysis

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The pages we had to read were from page 8 to 30 which were 3 Chapters, in these Chapters talked about Lorenzo Santillan, Cristian Arcega, and the history of the town.
Lorenzo Santillan had a hard live since he was small, when he was still a baby his mother dropped him and because of that he developed a lump on his forehead. Her mother thought that he needed a better medication so a doctor in Phoenix accepted to treat him, but the surgery had too many risks. Considering that his family was already there they decided to stay, mainly because in Phoenix they had more opportunities for work than in Mexico. Lorenzo wanted to fit in a group but it was really hard to him because many people mocked at him. He tried to join the marching band but he didn’t like it because he could not play an instrument. Lorenzo learned many things from his godfather especially that to survive people needed good ideas and get used to their new life.
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Because of his fragile body a lot of people would pick on him, he decided to stay inside so he could play with things that would not hurt him. He did many mischiefs and even though he got yelled at, he always thought that what he did was interesting. His father, Juan, believed that Cristian would not improve his skills and if they stayed in Mexico, his son would probably never build a robot. Cristian got a hard time getting used to his new life in Stanfield especially because he didn’t know how to speak English, because of this he always got lost on his way home. His family moved a lot and one really hot day Cristian stayed at home to watch TV. He always watched a Home Improvement show starring Bob Vila, who Cristian admired. He learned English watching his shows and soon he started to get really good grades. Years later, while he passed by the marine science room he heard what he wanted to hear the most,
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