Cristina Garcia's Dreaming in Cuban Essay

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Cristina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cuban tells the story about three generations of a Cuban family and their different views provoked by the Cuban revolution. Though part of the same family, an outsider might classify them as adversaries judging by relationships between one another, the exiled family members, and the differentiations between political views. Although all of these central themes reoccur over and over throughout the narrative, family relationships lie at the heart of the tale. The relationships between these Cuban family members are for the most part ruptured by any or a combination of the above themes. Every individual relationship mentioned in the book consists of at least one direct family member of Celia del Pino. Celia…show more content…
Poor Lourdes feels unwanted from the beginning of her life with her mother swearing to forget her; therefore, throughout her life Lourdes feels a lingering resentment, even though the acts by Celia were purely through emotional displacement brought about by the nastiness of her in-laws. “Her mother’s doleful rhythm followed them everywhere” (Garcia 25). The reader can plainly see that Lourdes is both embarrassed and ashamed of what her mother was and is unwillingly to forgive her. Lourdes claimed her mother was dead to garner pity from strangers so they would buy her sweets, and secretly wished it were true at times. The second reason is simply a generation difference. One might assume that due to the very different upbringings and the societies that the two were brought up in, that very conflicting morals and values may have been molded. Celia grew up in a Cuba under the rule of a dictator-like, oppressive leader. Celia saw Cuba’s true poverty stricken state and long for a new regime. Reasons for Lourdes’s rebellious attitude toward her mother and Cuba in general are much more abundant and clear. Though Lourdes was raised in a very similar society as of that of her mother’s upbringing, but the severity of the government that ruled during her childhood produced a different view of the country all together. Lourdes is a very strong, independent woman whom has man complaints of the method of rule in Cuba. “Lourdes never accepted the life designated

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