Cristobal Silva

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I have known Cristobal Silva since he was nine years old. He was a student at a school where I was a Vice President. During the ten years he was enrolled at our school, he has grown in so many ways; physically, emotionally and intellectually.
He has progressed from a cute little boy to a confident, charming, engaging young man. One of his strengths is his endless curiosity about a wide variety of topics. He is always trying to enhance his knowledge base and build his vocabulary in order to prepare himself for success in business.
Cristobal’s talent for engaging with others will serve him well in many ways in business. He is very comfortable in social and business settings where communication and attention to detail is a priority. His work ethic is excellent. He is willing to work hard to accomplish tasks and goals. When in high school, he was on the cross country and track team, which required serious dedication and effort to be successful. He balanced the demands of this sport with the rigors of his academic workload and managed to achieve very good grades in the process.
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I believe that he has his priorities in the right order for someone so young and is clear about what he will need to accomplish to be successful.
As a potential employer, you will not have to be concerned about trusting Cristobal. He has a very clear sense of how important personal integrity is and lives his life accordingly.
I highly recommend Cristobal for a position with your organization. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
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