Cristy: The Alcoholic Meth Addict

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Cristy: The Alcoholic Meth Addict Terri J. Limbaugh MTSU Abstract This research paper explores an episode and ten published articles that report on Alcohol and Methanphamine Drug addiction. Cristy: The Alcoholic Meth Addict The episode “Crisy on Meth” is about a twenty-four year old woman named Cristy who was once a popular and sweet girl that is now addicted to alcohol and crystal methamphetamine. This episode is an attention-grabbing reality program on the A&E Network. Cristy’s addictions have driven her and her family into a complete crisis. This episode is a real life glimpse into alcohol and methamphetamine addiction and how it affects the whole family. Cristy has been an alcohol and methamphetamine addict for over ten…show more content…
Mr. Seeley tells Cristy that the gift the family is offering her is a paid stay at a treatment facility in Florida. She immediately says no and tries to leave making her father hold her against her will so she will listen to them. She is then given an ultimatum of treatment or jail reminding her of a previous short stay in jail. She finally agrees to go the Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches in Lake Worth, Florida. After becoming disruptive, Cristy left the treatment after only staying thirty days. She is confronted by her family once more telling her she did not commit to their agreement. Cristy says she got the message of “don’t do drugs.” She is again given her the chance to re-enter the treatment facility or jail and she chooses jail. Cristy was then led into the jail where the judge also offers treatment for two years or ninety days in jail. Of course she chooses jail and serves her time and is released. Cristy relapses within six weeks of being released from jail and is currently still using alcohol and methamphetamine. CRITICAL REVIEW Methamphetamine and Alcohol Addiction Addiction Enabling Methamphetamine Psychosis Intervention Treatment Conclusions Bibliography Brecht, M., & Herbeck, D. M. (2013). Methamphetamine use and violent behavior: User perceptions and predictors. Journal of Drug Issues, 43(4), 468-482. Retrieved from

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