Criteria For Abuse Essay

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The criteria for abuse can be affected by many factors, such as the person(s) involved and the type of abuse. First, you need the abuser, someone that is going to take the action of abusing the other individual. “Abusers come from all walks of life and often feel insecure, powerless, and helpless, feelings that are not in line with the image they would like to project” (Chow, 2013, pg. 259). Abusers can be someone that the victim already knows from other interactions, or they can be strangers (Chow, 2013). Secondly, you need the victim, the person that is going to take the brunt of the abusers emotional or physical abuse. Nurses also have the duty to report abuse or suspected abuse as set out by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia…show more content…
309). There must be contact between the patient and the health care system or nurse and that the patient has the ability to suffer (Bruggemann, Wijma, & Swahnberg, 2012, p. 129). If there is not any contact between two individuals, then abuse cannot take place. The abuse event is usually unintentional, and is preceded by an unhappy event between the caregiver (nurse) and the patient or other individual (Bruggemann et al, 2012). There are other factors that can put the victim at more of a risk of being abused such as “having a background of abuse in childhood, young age, high educational level, poor self-rated health, born in a foreign country” (Bruggemann et al, 2012, p. 129). Other factors that put someone at risk for abuse include “hierarchies, power assymetries, taboos” (Bruggemann et al, 2012, p. 129). Abuse in the healthcare setting does not discriminate against race, gender, income, social status, or so forth, it can occur between any two individuals that interact in the healthcare sector. After much research, we have been able to find a definition of abuse that is suitable for our
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