Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam

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PLAN: Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam For PDSA cycle I chose to use data notebooks during the Fitnessgram testing. I chose these because they are engaging, interactive, and they promote sharing, trusting, teambuilding, reflection, and coaching. (Pitas, 2000) In physical education I am always looking for ways for students to reflect on their exercise habits in and set goals for their future. I want to educate students to be healthy for a lifetime and what better way than for them to tract their own exercise and reflect on how it’s working. They would be sharing their beliefs with me along with their goals. They would trust me to help them achieve their goals as well as their personal information on how they want to portray…show more content…
As a physical educator I always want my students thinking about how to stay healthy for a lifetime so that is how I went about designing my data notebook assessment. If I keep having them reflect and make goals for themselves that will benefit them later in life with their own personal health and well-being. DO: Pilot Group My pilot group for this cycle was my seventh grade physical education class. There are 28 people in my last hour class and they are one of my more active physical education classes. I have three students with IEP’s in this section. The gender break down is 16 boys to 12 girls with all but two students being Caucasian while the other two are of Hispanic origin. The class has a mix of students that have a wide range of skill levels. I think it’s beneficial to try use a class for this cycle that will address the whole learning spectrum. “Complex learning cannot be assessed with simplistic measures.” (Stefl-Mabry, 2004) This quote is valuable because it shows that my data notebooks help me with my complex learning that they are involved in. It will help provide me feedback on a variety of skill levels so I can improve upon my performance by reading their data notebooks and see where they are struggling and their opinions on what
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