Critic of Shame Is Worth a Try

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Dylan Hamann ENGL 1020, CRN 20527 Revised Critique of “Shame Is Worth a Try” 1 Feb. 2010 Revised Critique of “Shame Is Worth a Try” by Dan M. Kahan Dan M. Kahan argues in his article “Shame Is Worth a Try” that people who understand the potential of shaming know that it is “cheap, efficient, and an appropriate alternative to short jail sentences” (571). Any crime that is committed must have a punishment linked to it to avoid a repeat of the offense. Serious crimes, for example, those that involve a murder obviously need the jail sentence that comes along with them. Nonviolent crimes, such as theft or littering could receive cheap and personal punishments with the implementation of shaming. Those against shaming are mostly those…show more content…
I also believe that he could have shown more examples of the “pointlessly degrading” tactics that could have been used as a shaming device (573). Even though Kahan’s article is very one sided, I would still recommend this article to other college students. I wouldn’t recommend it as a source for alternatives to imprisonment but I might offer it as an example of how to prove one’s point with limited examples. This article is a prime model of how an author can use examples to prove one’s point and persuade their reader. Again, it lacks the full view of the opposition but it is still very convincing. Works Cited Kahan, Dan M. “Shame Is Worth a Try.” Models for Writers: Short Essays for Compositon. Ed. Alfred Rosa and Paul Eschholz. 10th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. 571-573.
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