Critical Analysis : Critical Coding

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Introduction ______________________________________________________ 1
Literature Review __________________________________________________ 1
Critical Analysis ____________________________________________________2
Conclusions _______________________________________________________4
Recommendations _________________________________________________ 5
References _______________________________________________________ 6

Human Resource hasn’t always been the hot topic like it is in today’s discussions on better performance management systems. Human resource has always been limitedly considered as the mere workforce that strictly follows the company’s mission and readily falls in compliance with the management’s decisions. That has always been the idea until recently, with gradual advancement in business studies, when effective HR management is considered probably the foremost contributing element towards increased overall productivity of an organization. A well-formed, well thought out and thoroughly connected HR policy that is structured as a self-empowered mechanism that digs deep getting to know about the issues and concerns of the common employee, addresses those concerns with the utmost hospitality and sets up checks and balancing systems to foresee any mishaps, communication gaps and other problems that might erode the relationship between the management and human resource in the future.
On the contrary, it is also found to be a fact that, while…

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