Critical Analysis : Critical Literacy

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For years, families and individuals worldwide have watched and loved Coca Cola commercials for their originality, humor, and positive messages. However, one can also find their subtle meanings of the commercials by using Charles Temple analysis. Charles Temple’s “Critical Literacy” is used in this context to analyze and better understand the ideas behind the messages conveyed in a particular Coca- Cola advertisement. The ad contains components of “Critical Literacy” that can be used to better understand the student learning outcome (SLO) by illustrating the feeling of winning, and the student performance objective (SPO ), by image of love and unity among people shown near the closing scene of the advertisement. Using Temple’s four criteria in “Critical Literacy,” it is apparent that the advert equates the feeling of victory and happiness to drinking a nice, cold Coca-Cola beverage at the Olympics while spending time with the loved ones. The strategy connects the consumer and the product to the idea of winning, the ultimate satisfaction for an athlete who has spent months training for this particular moment.
This is particularly effective not only in motivating an individual to become a winning athlete, but also encourages people to spend quality time with his or her loved ones because the commercial is full of images of unity, happiness, and cohesion. Additionally, the content of the ad can be carefully analyzed to determine its specific objective and targeted market. The…
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