Critical Analysis : Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is the logically disciplined practice of dynamically and proficiently conceptualizing, relating, combining, and assessing information assembled by observation, knowledge, reflection, interpretation, or communication. There are six steps to critical thinking which includes knowledge, comprehensions, applications, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It involves the use focused groups with similar skills to analyze and evaluate information that you read or hear critically.
Regarding critical thinking model, the first step which is knowledge requires one to have the ability to spot what is being said on the topic. Comprehension is the next step which means that you should understand the material you have seen, heard or read about and in so doing, you relate the knowledge you have acquired with what already know. Application as the third step requires that you be aware of what you have seen and read, figure it out and that you do some tasks to relate what you understand to a real situation (Cottrell, 2011).
The other step which is analysis involves breaking what you read or hear into its parts so that you can clearly see how the ideas are structured, linked, or connected to new ideas. Synthesis is the fifth step which involves the capability of joining the parts you examined with other information to produce something unique. The last step is evaluation which takes place once you have understood and examined what you read and hear and the explanations are…
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