Critical Analysis Of A Raisin In The Sun

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‘A Raisin in the Sun’ is a play telling a story of Younger’s (a black family’s) lower-class struggles in its efforts of acquiring a middle-class acceptance. The play opens with Mama, the 60-year old family mother, waiting for a 10,000 dollars check from an insurance firm as compensation after her husband’s death and the drama focus on the way in which this money should be spent. Walter Lee Younger, the son, is desperate of becoming a better family provider and wants to invest this whole package into a liquor store together with his two other friends. Walter believes that this investment will wipe away the financial problems of the family forever. However, Mama objects this for ethical reasons and some minor conflicts emerge over their disagreements. Ruth, Walter’s wife, supports Mama but hopes that they (Walter and her) could provide their son, Travis, with more space and opportunity. Finally, Beneatha, Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sister, wants the money to be directed towards her medical education fees. She also objects the wish of her family members to join the white world. Mama decides on using some of their money for a white neighborhood’ house down payment and this escalates conflict with her son hence causing her untold anguish. For reconciliation purposes, she entrusts Walter with the remainder of the money. Walter invests the money into his liquor store plan secretly with the hope that his initial investment would quadruple. However, one of his prospective business

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