Critical Analysis Of Black Hawk Down By Mark Bowden

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Books such as Black Hawk Down provide readers with as much accurate and reliable information as they possibly can. This can be vitally important to a select set of audiences, one for example may be students. Black Hawk Down was written by Mark Bowden, and it’s aim was to be able to be as reliable as possible while telling the story of The Battle of Mogadishu. Overall, Mark Bowden provides useful information to this audience of students by providing accurate information. The book, Black Hawk Down, is not only valuable, but essential, for teens in the Morongo Unified School District due to the academic, social, and nationalistic values that it provides. One of the many important values that Black Hawk Down provides are academical. For example, the book teaches our future generations about “high-risk low-reward” type situations. Situations such as these can involve an individual or group of individuals with good intentions, however they do not have any planning. This causes their good-intentioned situations to have a high risk factor, and result in a low reward. It is important for students in the United States to understand these situations, and to avoid them. To elaborate on the last point, careful planning is another important lesson that Black Hawk Down teaches. It is vitally important in any situation of war to plan out anything that happens beforehand. This can be related to the reader's life in the sense that they need to carefully plan out certain situations before

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