Critical Analysis Of Black Hawk Down By Mark Bowden

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As technology advances, learning about the country’s history is highly neglected and a boring activity for many teenagers in this generation. However, the significance of history provides adolescents various perspectives to pain, breakthroughs, war associated with us today. Notably, it is not just a summation of previous events, instead, its purpose is how and why these events occurred. Moreover, one tragic event reported in one of the books by Mark Bowden was a true modern war that happened in 1993, called The Battle of Mogadishu or Day of the Rangers.
Moreover, Bowden did not only provide his readers the facts of the battle, but he lets his readers delve into the perspective of the people who had connections to the battle. As soon as the reader analyzes Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden, the reader can learn a lesson to the significant consequences of war affecting the country’s people, economy, and education. Bowden accomplished a great perspective on both sides of the war, allowing his readers to perceive how war affects a country’s population in different ways. One predominant example readers see in this particular book is the negative impact on their emotions. Possible high level of stress due to a traumatic event can affect a soldier. Specifically, an extreme related emotional problem during a battle is the emotional attachment soldiers have with each other and the pain that each and every death brings them (Anderson). In connection to teenagers in MUSD, they have to

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