Critical Analysis Of David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Critical Analysis First Draft In his story "Me Talk Pretty One Day," David Sedaris (1999) tells of returning to school at a late age, enduring harsh criticism from his instructor, and adapting to a new culture. Not willing to give up, he used the way he was treated as a fuel to keep himself going. This is an inspiring story of turning weakness into strength, as the author pursues his dreams despite the hurdles of age, personality conflicts, and learning a new language. Sedaris (1999) uses humor to describe a time where he set off to learn a new language, and quickly found that he was in over his head. As an older learner, he came to this place in life with not only experience, but also insecurities. He realized after his first class that…show more content…
Their seemingly fluent abilities in the French language, and their youth, brought up insecurities and began to eat away at his self confidence. In addition, many had previously attended this school together and had already established relationships. These things were starting to erode his self-esteem, and he was again reminded of his age. At 41 years of age, one would think he had it all together, but for him this was not the case. Although he had spent a month taking a French class the previous year, and had traveled to Northern France, he started to become humbled by how much he did not know (Sedaris, 1999). He started to feel pressure even before he met his instructor for the first time. David's instructor was intimidating, rude, and somewhat abusive, but despite these things he used her behavior as a motivator to succeed. David was not about to give up and he: "refused to stand convicted on the teacher's charge of laziness," and due to that, he studied for 4 or more hours every night because he was determined to stand out (Sedaris, 1999). David clearly had a reaction to his teacher’s approach, which created a sense of urgency and a need to excel. His choice to persevere, despite her attitude, caused him to work hard, and he was once again able to use humor to get through by adding jokes to his responses to her quizzes. This whole experience shaped him into a better person and made him

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