Critical Analysis Of Hospitals Strategies Associated With 30 Day Readmission Rate For Heart Failure Patients

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Critical Analysis of Hospitals Strategies Associated with 30-Day Readmission Rate for Heart Failure Patients
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Heart failure is a prevalent condition that is characterized by the inability of the heart to pump sufficient amount of blood that meets the requirement of the various body organs. In a nutshell, the heart fails to pump blood to the rest of the body with the necessary force. Apparently, the increased number of recurrent hospitalizations is posing a threat to the quality of care that is being delivered in various health care facilities. In fact, recurrent hospitalizations are the causative reason for increased health care spending, deterioration of the quality of health of patients, …show more content…

The apparent effects of this problem has being received in a multi-dimensional manner, including the deterioration of patient/care outcomes, dissatisfaction of patients with the quality of services that they are receiving, and burn-out and fatigue among the various care providers due to having extra work that forces them to work for long hours (Bradley et al., 2013). Believably, the ultimate goal or vision for the entire healthcare system is the provision of optimum patient-centered care. However, the achievement of this objective has become one complicated endeavor, especially when one takes into consideration that the quality of care constitutes the most prioritized factor in healthcare and signify a vital component of care provision.
Subsequently, the National Quality Forum endorsed hospital risk-standardized rates (RSRR) as one of the main aspects of performance measure. Technically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was tasked with the duty of reporting this rates to the public. Hypothetically, the presence of some of the measures such as the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act of 2010 has led to the creation of new incentives that target to reduce the rate of readmissions through the utilization of publicly reported measures. As a result, hospitals with high rates of readmissions risk losing up to 3 percent of their Medicare reimbursement by the year 2015. This has

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