Critical Analysis Of Legal Regime For The Better Future Of Children Essay

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Critical Analysis of Legal Regime for the better Future of Children “Childhood shows the man As morning shows the day” -John Milton in ‘Paradise Regained ’ Abstract Children like mirror, which reflect the future image of a nation. Children are not only the future of any nation but also strength in reserve. If they are healthy and active, educated and informed, disciplined and trained, the future of a nation is well insured, and if they are wanting in the above aspects the future of a nation is doomed to disaster. So it is prime responsibility of the government and society to provide the safe and secure environment to our future upbringing. The research question is whether all the nations and international organization are self sufficient to maintain the law and order and successful giving children a better and safer future. In our research paper we will analyze the nature, types of crimes against children and do the comparative studies of national and international efforts regarding the protection of children against from the crime committed against them. To make the study richer we will go through the need, relevance, reason of failure, vis-a-vis pros and cons of Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act, 2012. To conduct this research we will adopt, the research methodology of doctrinal and non-doctrinal. After in-depth study on this topic we
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