Critical Analysis Of Mariama Ba And Sindiwe Magona

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1. Introduction
The critical analysis of gender probabilities in the African context is not a new venture but a significant discussion to the development of gender, cultural and feminist theorists. This study investigates the limitations to empowerment Africa women face at the hands of patriarchal societies, exacerbated by the oppression and subjugation employed by traditional, cultural and religious norms within two different African countries, that is, Senegal and South Africa. The research analyzes two novels by important women writers in African literature, Mariama Ba and Sindiwe Magona. These two dedicated women writers examine the different ways in which African patriarchy and religion broadly manifests itself regarding the position of women. Mariama Ba`s novel So Long A Letter (1981) expresses the Islamic and African laws which core existed in Senegal. As Layiwola (1998: 153) state, “So Long a Letter narrates, in a personal correspondence to another friend, the woes of a
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As a result, patriarchal perspectives combined with women`s economical dependence on men, make reaching self-actualization a terrifying or challenging experience and if not impossible for most women. Thus, there is need for an understanding of the experiences that these women undergo in order to implement useful and effective interventions, which are culture sensitive. Mariama Ba`s novel So Long A Letter sheds light to the need of African societies to be enabling for women who suffer at the hands patriarchy, tradition and religion which oppresses and exacerbates gender stereotypes towards them. However, some African societies as an acknowledgement of Mariama Ba`s style of writing and thematic concerns are still practicing religious and traditional norms that thwart the attainment of possibilities of emancipation. Similarly Magona`s

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