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Alexander's characters with different socio-cultural experiences relate to a process involving complex negotiation and exchange. She is a perfect Interpreter of a cultural multiplicity. She is faithful enough to project Indian culture and tradition in realistic terms. Meena’s poems are perceptive critique of human relationships, bonds and commitments that one has to make with homeland as well as the migrated land. A sense of alienation pre-occupies the hearts of people culturally as well as geographically cut off from their homeland. A sense of loss runs all through her works. Her poems establishes interpersonal bond without bondage.
Ramnarayan Gouri says Meena Alexander came from different backgrounds, write in different language and live
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Meena Alexander being an exponent of the feminist sensibilities. All of Meena Alexander female characters gloat over the fact that they are different from others, condemning their husbands and others as insensitive, unimaginative people living only for money, sex and food. Rootlessness and unreal existence are the main concerns of this expatriate writer who seek a meaningful existence. The foregoing comments on Meena Alexander's characters clearly demonstrate that most of her protagonists suffer from an extreme sort of self-introversion has written in her autobiography about new comers to the United States.
To conclude, this paper may be questioned on the grounds whether the fictional representations of the notion of sister-hood beyond nation, culture, race, creed is in reality possible, and whether of Alexander, a celebrated writer of Indian diaspora, is directing and shaping strategies for the establishment of sister-hood through her writings or it is just a deconstruction on her story. But so far as present analysis is concerned, the purpose is to read the following statement in the story through its characters and their situations: A Feminists must not avoid, but invite dialogue, and confront, racism and classicism, as well as sexism, on both a personal and a theoretical level, if we are to achieve the coalitions enabling feminism to become a truly international and intercultural movement. The characters seek freedom through their actions but freedom is always conditioned on the response of

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