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Formal Academic Critique of “No Room at the Inn” Alya Mohamed Saeed G00070222 American University of Sharjah Introduction In her article “No Room at the Inn” Yasmine focuses on diversity and migration. Yasmine Alibhai-Brown is an Ugandan born British. She got her masters in philosophy from Oxford University in 1975. She is a journalist who has written for several successful magazines and newspapers, such as the New York Times and time magazine. Alibhai-Brown writings focus on issues of immigration, diversity and multiracialism. She is a Vice president of The United Nations Association, UK, and has agreed to be a special ambassador for the Samaritans; in addition, she is the president of the institute of family therapy and has…show more content…
There are many objections that can be against Yasmine. Firstly, Throughout the article the writer focuses mainly on pathos and is trying to gain the readers sympathy and emotions to agree with her rather than using more logic. For instance Yasmine mentions the poem written by a refugee child at school which makes the reader follow her argument due to the sympathy they feel for the child. Secondly, Alibhai-Brown awkwardly uses is narrative and second-hand recounted signs instead of strong certainties. As indicated by Alibhai-Brown, "I have been beaten and called "fucking Paki"" (2002, para.9). Thirdly, Alibhai-Brown has some unsubstantiated cases. Thusly, this makes the arranger's cases, contentions, and asserts frail and disputable. As a for example, the author articulates that “death of non-white immigrants evokes little sympathy” (Alibhai-Brown, 2002, para.11). in addition the writer depends hardly on hurried speculation with a specific end goal to prove her point. For example, In the 12th paragraph (Alibhai-Brown, 2002), the author mentions “white immigrants are always seen as ‘intrepid’ people with ‘vigorous’ blood which adds to the stock of the receiving nation”. To clarify, it is verifiable that the author ambuscaded Europe as a nation and not its laws by attesting that “Europe has always been a mongrel continent, made and remade by outsiders who come in and change the countries and themselves”…show more content…
Therefore, this assumes an imperative part in demonstrating that the writer is qualified in creating such article, and is tenable adequately to make her contentions. Moreover, the article could be improved if the writer used and hoisted undeniable realities rather than unconfirmed cases and conclusions. Then again, the writer utilized a decent and solid language in the article, and it was composed in a appropriate appeal. Alibhai-Brown sufficiently conveys the fundamental thought of the article effectively and bolsters her thoughts with impressive and managed illustrations. Moreover, Alibhai-Brown's message was clearly given through the subtle elements; however, could have been further fortified. Essentially, the article just immersed my notions rather than the center issue. To sum up, I would unambiguously float towards the way that despite the fact that the writer is qualified and satisfactory to compose articles related to to migration and diversity, this article is not suggested as a sound research

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