Critical Analysis Of Nursing Concepts

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Critical Analysis of Nursing Concepts Cathy Chauvin University of Victoria, BC Critical Analysis of Nursing Concepts In this paper, I am going to discuss past and present nursing concepts, and how these theories have evolved. The initial paper by J. Fawcett (1984) describes the fundamental concepts of nursing including person, environment, health and nursing, (Fawcett, 1984 p.84) The author further describes ideas that are discussed and compared by various nursing scholars and how they are related to one another. In the second paper by Newman, Smith, et al, (2008) they explore the current theories and how more advanced these are, and where the studies are in their scholarly journey. The authors describe the “history of nursing epistemology” (Newman, et all 2008) and the phases that have been part of its journey of development. The initial article is very limited, and focuses particularly on nursing systems. It does not allow for expansion and growth for nursing theory. Dr. Fawcett does, however, establish the basis for nursing theory and organizes the process through her four basic areas of concepts (Brodie, 1984). The latter article envelops the growth and development of nursing theory towards “Unitary-transformative (UT) paradigm” (Newman et al, 2008). The concepts evolve and establish the process of holistic thinking, and viewing the person as a whole in your assessment. I will also include personal reflection from my own nursing practice and how these concepts
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