Critical Analysis Of One Day By Patrick O Malley

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I like the theme that Patrick O’Malley describes in his article because I am now a student and my son is a pupil too. I also like the logical sequence of this article. He tried to write this article in logical sequence, although there are weak points in it too. He clearly described the problem and what solutions he sees. The examples given in the article confirm that he carried out research in this matter.
I understand that the attitude to this article is different because it depends on the life experience of a person. When I was a student at school, I did not have very often tests sometimes it was only one at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester there were tests in all subjects and it was very hard and stressful time for all students and for me too. When I got older, I understood how important it was to get knowledge. Do not just sit at a desk in college, but really get knowledge. I completely agree with O’Malley that the tactics of constant
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In any case, teachers should be given the opportunity to choose the teaching and control tech for their subject. It is absolutely certain that it is impossible to make the same type of tests for mathematics, literature, anatomy, drawing, or singing. Therefore, only experienced teachers can identify what technique to study and control they need to use in their work.
The teacher should only give the necessary lesson and say where to find additional information. All training depends only on the student and his desire to learn. At some point in life a person understands that it is easier to learn at once and not to postpone for tomorrow what can be done today. Our fate in all parts of life is often determined by tests: in school, university, graduation examinations, a driving ID and traffic rules, examinations for professional qualifications and much
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