Critical Analysis Of Rosalind Coward's 'The Body Beautiful'

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In her article “The Body Beautiful”, Rosalind Coward (1998) argues that society creates a negative obsessions of the “perfect” female body and it affects women negatively in their daily lives. She explains that women have to think of their bodies in separate parts and believe that each part has a different life of their own. Coward goes on to explain the way society expects women to be seen as by providing readers with example advertisements and how it pushes women toward having the body that is viewed acceptable. She concludes by stating that although society creates a negative obsession of the “perfect” body, it helps women from falling into despair because they keep a vague relation to the ideal image. By analyzing an advertisement for Elizabeth Arden’s anti aging serum, we see Rosalind Coward argues that advertisements for facial product often expect women to be flawless and perfect in their body figures. An advertisement for Elizabeth Arden, the anti aging daily serum depicts a white woman with dirty blonde hair slicked back in a black round shirt tucked in her skirt. Central subject is set with a plain grey to white color shifting background. Cropped at her waist, she stands with her left thumb in her left pocket and right hand on her hip with “Own your future” in stylistic font written along her stomach. At the top right hand corner, in white letters, is the company’s name and their logo below it. Right of the woman, towards the middle right hand side of the page,

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