Critical Analysis Of Self Leadership And Positive Psychology

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Utilising a combined self-leadership and positive psychology perspective, I will self-analyse my strengths and weaknesses through the use of questionnaires completed throughout the semester to gain a deeper understanding of my personality traits in my chosen career. The career path I have chosen is Human Resources (HR) and everything analysed will be in respect of that path.
A definition of self-leadership is “the process of influencing oneself to establish the self-direction and self-motivation needed to perform” (Manz, 1995). Positive Psychology is “the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of people, groups, and institutions” (Gable & Haidt, 2005; Sheldon & King, 2001).
Critical analysis of Self-leadership and Positive Psychology
Self-leadership is very important for a number of reasons, including:
1. To enhance job effectiveness and develop personally and professionally.
2. To achieve career potential and growth such as promotions, salary increases, job satisfaction and job choice.
3. To enhance individual and group well-being such as health and happiness.
4. Becoming an emotionally intelligent professional capable of leading effectively.
By gaining a clearer understanding of self-leadership the elements of positive psychology can be incorporated. Positive psychology looks at the circumstances and processes that enable individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop at a high level.
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