Critical Analysis Of Sustainability Principles

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Essay - Critical Analysis of Sustainability Principles submitted by: Tanvi Rawat
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Q.2 what is the relationship between sustainability and anthropogenic climate change, and how can an understanding of these linkages be used to guide policy from the global to the local scale?
Ans. Sustainability is promoting social, economic growth with preserving the environment, whereas the Anthropogenic Climate change is influencing natural and human living conditions. With an increase in the risk of disaster which is turning to be a constrain in development and growth. The anthropogenic generation of greenhouse gases (GHGS) is continuously making the temperature rise. The energy use for industrial production and goods, services since last 200 years changed the atmospheric conditions. The contents of greenhouse gases like ‘‘- CO2 (carbon dioxide), N2, O (nitrous oxide), O3 (tropospheric ozone), CH4 (methane) (Trenberth, 1992), which is the main cause of natural disaster like draught and flood which ultimately becomes a cause of economic loss. (Pachauri and Reisinger, 2007) For sample During 1980s the financial misfortunes from dry seasons totalled a few hundred million U.S. dollars in Africa, its seen that dry spells and surges are more basic since most recent 30 years, around 25% of the contemporary African populace encounters high water stress. Around 69% of the populace live under states of relative water wealth. Henceforth the
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