Critical Analysis Of The Baddest Dog In Harlem

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English essay The Baddest Dog in Harlem

In this assignment an analyze and a interpret of the short story called “the Baddest Dog in Harlem” is written . The analyze will focus on the settings and the tone of the voice. The young adult novel is written by Walter Dean Myers, an African-American.
The narrator in the text do we not get much information about, but it is likely that he is black since he lives in Harlem. His friends in the text are Mr. Lynch Wille, and Pedro. In the beginning of the text, it starts with in medias res with the narrator and his friends sitting and discussing who the best fighter is, but all of a sudden a police car shows up in front of them because they got a tip about a man carrying an automatic weapon. A policeman asks the characters in for how long they have been sitting and Pedro Answers “two hours maybe three” . They seem to be unemployed since they can spend hours talking who the best fighter is.
The setting is Harlem. Harlem is in northern Manhattan New York. It is known as a major African-American cultural, business and residential center. From 1920-2008, most of the populations have been African-Americans . Harlem is known as one of the worst areas for crime in New York and it also has the biggest crime rate in Manhattan.
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Even though the story is written correctly with prober English, when we hear the thoughts of the narrator, slang is used much on quotes when African- Americans are talking. An example is when the narrator says “ “What they mean about some automatic weapons” . Another example is also when Pedro called out to an officer and says “We got to get away from ‘fore we get sot up” . The two examples on the quotes are clearly grammatically wrong, but at the same time they can also give a picture on how people in Harlem talks. When it comes to language the youth in Harlem, especially talks differently than other and the author of the novel also wanted his story to sound

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