Critical Analysis Of The Chrysanthemums

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Didn’t See That One Coming
I’ve never discriminated a book or a story. Even the ones that never make my heart fully resonate to them. Still, I saw and understood their value. I simply knew they were not meant for me and what they carry within their pages will, one day, find its rightful place into someone else’s hands. But recently, I’ve read something unexpected. I’ve read John Steinbeck short story The Chrysanthemums, and it left me completely displeased. As much as I would like, I can’t seem to find the any value in it. Because something like this never happen before, I used internet hoping it would help me find some enlightenment on the purpose of the story. The results of my researches were not as helpful as I wished for. They all
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I don’t view this issue as something to be taken lightly. But after reading The Chrysanthemums, I got the impression the author was trying to suppress the issue by never addressing the subject openly. He made it feels like his purpose wasn’t really about defending women’s intelligence. If it’s the subject he decided to defend, shouldn’t he go all the way and don’t hold back? Except, I feel he did hold back and tried to bury the subject under a tone of unnecessary details. In a too long and too slow pace, Steinbeck didn’t skimp on the overflowing of never ending descriptions of the surrounding and on the actions undertaken by the characters. Or perhaps I should say lack of proper actions? Anyhow, this goes on and on throughout the entire story and each moment left me hanging for something greater to happen. It felt like the action, good or bad, was going to pick up at any moment and the story will finally begin to take all of it sense. But before any of that ever happened, the story ended. And, that’s it. Nothing else! A short story of seven pages closed and left me, no way nearer to understand the purpose behind Steinbeck words. It is so aggravating that I kept expecting something to happen to the characters at every turn, something that would bring to life the true meaning behind Steinbeck words. But, I cannot! Instead, I’m baffled that the unexpected happened.
The storyline of The Chrysanthemums is not
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