Critical Analysis Of The Daring One By Edwin Markham

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Tim Johnson

Ms. Seo

English III D

December 12 ,2017
Taking Risks
The poem, “The Daring One”, by Edwin Markham brings us on an emotional journey of critical decision making and understanding the consequences of your own actions. The speaker, Edwin Markham describes his envy for the confidence of a single bluebird. The speaker is unconfident and wishes to disregard past life choices, and possibly hopes to achieve greatness in the future. Markham displays this shift in physical tone here with the presence of nature at hand- “Indifferent to the void he rides. (7) Upon the winds eternal tides.” (8) In addition, his intellectual state of mind is revealed here – “For well he knows he cannot fail” (10). The speaker is determined that he will learn from his past mistakes. Markham describes his experience with vivid poetic devices that allows the text to come alive. The poem is composed of a 12 lined, two main stanzas, the first with eight, and second with four. The reason for the offset lines is to portray suspense in the longer paragraph, then conclude with the shorter. The rhyme scheme included is AABBCCDDEEFF (Couplet). This consistent rhyme allows the speaker to feel harmony with the poem and allows the audience to understand what is coming next.
The setting seems to be in a calm atmosphere with trees, presumably any forest or woods biome. I came to this conclusion because of the “boughs”(3). A bough is a main sturdy tree branch supporting, and balancing most a tree. The main
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