Critical Analysis Of The Flea By John Donne

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Critical Analysis of “The Flea” “The Flea,” is a poem written by John Donne using a flea as a subject to represent the desire the speaker has to get a woman into bed with him. The speaker used a flea to try to trick the woman into sleeping with him. The woman tries to kill the flea throughout the poem, also killing their bond, but the speaker gives reasons through literary devices why she should not. These devices convey the reasons why the flea is pleased and how it becomes a part of both the woman and the speaker. Donne includes irony, imagery, and a metaphor as the speaker’s process of trying to persuade the woman into bed with him.
The literary devices in the poem are Donne’s way of showing that early 17th century men would take the strangest ideas to represent sexual actions. The flea in the poem bites both the speaker and a woman and then it contains their blood. This situation makes the speaker try to convince the woman that they have been bonded together like a married couple. He thinks that since they are like a married couple they should sleep together. The central audience of the poem is the male population in order to show them that cockiness and a broad ego will not always get them their way. The woman did not speak one word in the poem and the speaker was very desperate trying to use a flea as a sexual symbol. He failed in this action because the woman killed the flea and left the man to be alone in the end, not giving him what he wanted. With that being said,…

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