Critical Analysis Of The Heathrow Terminal 5 Project

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Part 1: Critical analysis of the Heathrow Terminal 5 project
Programme and Portfolio Management: Analysing the Strategic Multiple-Project Environment Introduction:
Project portfolio management (PPM) deals with the coordination and control of multiple projects pursuing the same strategic goals and competing for the same resources, whereby managers prioritize among projects to achieve strategic benefits. (Martinsuo 2012)
Heathrow Terminal 5 success is attributed to the project management approach, this is needed in order to manage the overall project and the integration between the projects throughout the project life cycle. To start with it is important to understand that project and project portfolio management is driven by the organisation strategies. The PMBOK® Guide (2013), in this case British Airport Authority strategy to expand and increase the airport passenger from 67 million to 95 million per year. The project was divided into four categories:- namely the building, rail and tunnels, infrastructure and integration system.
Heathrow Terminal 5 project is recorded as one of Europe’s successful and yet challenging complex mega project. A megaproject involves a managing multiple single projects simultaneously in order to achieve the same strategic goal. (Davies 2012)
Although the official opening of the project was surrounded by negative media reports about the baggage handling system, security and car park system failure it was on schedule, within a budget and…
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