Critical Analysis Of The Nait Lrt Project

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The following report will provide a critical analysis of the NAIT LRT Project. The report will provide insights into the causes that resulted in the failure of the project as well as will provide recommendations that would help in the success of the project. The reasons for the delay in the project could be classified into improper management, lack of communication and coordination, failure to test the mechanisms of the plan as well as flaws in the design and development of the project itself. The report also provides recommendations for improving the present position of the project like clear definition of roles and responsibilties especially for the top management, through review of formal documentation as well as testing the project before its actual implementation for estimates on cost and time required for its completion. This study is taken from online articles, journals, City of Edmonton website and news channels. This study helps to understand the past and the present position of the project.

Introduction Edmonton’s Light Rail Transit provides fast and appropriate service for passengers traveling. Metro Light Rail Transit (LRT) started on September 6, 2015, from Churchill to NAIT. The 3.3km extension includes a second being an active line to Edmonton LRT network plan. The launch NAIT LRT was different from the south campus in 2009 and century park in 2011. Both these previous extensions started with considerable media attention, but this

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