Critical Analysis Of The Transformational Change Of British Airways

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The past decade was branded with changes and events which placed huge pressure on companies in all industries, it concluded with a trend of essential organisational changes among companies with an aim of strategic repositioning at the market and developing strategic opportunities and/or benefiting from the core capabilities. It resulted to the area of organisational change and transformation being a huge interest among researchers of Strategic Management.
This paper try to digest the area of strategic change by providing a critical analysis on the transformational change of the company British Airways.

Company Executive Summary
British Airways is one of the largest internationally scheduled carrier in the United Kingdom. It
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This is due to businessmen cut down their non-essential travelling due to the hit in economy depression.
 Harsh rise in fuel price led to higher ticket prices. Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group said, “Ticket prices and fuel rates were being kept under review after oil breached $110 a barrel this week”. As a result, British Airways met tough competition from low cost airline that provide cheap discounted rates to passengers. This has caused BA’s passenger count to fall shockingly (The Guardian, 2011).
 Culture change in working practices resulted to series of clashes between the airlines’ authority and the staff members. British airways experienced poor handling of other staffs inside the organizations (Telegraph, 2013).
 British Airways quality of service was affected and that lead to bad reputation due to lack of punctuality and delays. As a result, it was hit with a series of fines in conjunction with new British laws and regulations regarding the aviation business. (Kammishra, 2012)


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