Critical Analysis Of Victoria's Red Children

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Critical Analysis of
“Victoria’s “Red Children” The “Great White Queen Mother” and Native-Newcomer Relations in Canada” by J.R. Miller.
In the years following the early fur trade in Canada, settler and newcomer relations began to change. With the urgent need for pelts in Europe ended, white man no longer was dependant upon the long past established trading system and its traditional practices. These included the Aboriginal ceremonial trading system and the respectful practices that went with it. As a result, First Nations people began to become a problem for the Canadian government, more formally the “Indian Problem”. This led to “systematic attacks” on Aboriginal people’s way of life and culture. However, throughout this time First
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As potentially detrimental as it can be to source evidence from his own works, Miller is also an expert in the field of Native studies and has done extensive research on the subject. Therefore, citing his own work as proof of his argument does not eliminate the credibility of the article and it remains a professional document. Miller also does not exclusively quote his own work and has provided twice as many notes from other experts than his own to back up his research. As well as quotes from contemporary authors. Dr. Miller frequently provides primary documents as proof the intentions of the First Nation tribes and the Canadian Government during the assimilation process. For example, the intention to try and change a policy to integrate Indian nations into white culture is evidenced with the letters exchanged between Sir George Murray and Sir James Kempt . The selection Miller makes effectively shows the intention of the “white man” and clearly supports the argument that they were beginning to make “systematic attacks” of Aboriginal culture and life. Another example of the expert use of primary quotes in supporting the theory of why First Nation people were still loyal to Queen Victoria. A certain Chief Joseph says “Three men same (i.e., the Indian agent and two commissioners) and made treaties with us and said that this is the Queen’s land. This has made our hearts sad and we are angry with the three men. But the Queen does not know this. We

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