Critical Analysis OfIs Google Making Us Stupid?

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First Analytical Paper
In the essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” the author spends time on telling the reader the possible harms of the internet and how it can shorten the attention span of constant users of the internet. while reading more and more into the essay, one will notice many instances that make me believe that the author of the essay fears technology and dreads when artificial intelligence comes out in the future.
The first pattern in the essay with accounts of a fictional source, then an actual narrative account, and finally a source that dates back in the far past. This pattern occurs at least three times during the essay. The fictional source was about a feeling machine that gets shut down because it was a threat to humans. In the narrative part, the author talks about his accounts relating how he has less patience for reading and basically links his lack of focus to his use of the internet as the problem. The third source in the pattern would be a source from a long time ago that bases itself around how technology changes how a person operates when he tries to do anything else when he learned a new medium for reading or writing. This further backs up his points of how technology can be detrimental for people and lessening them as individuals.
In sections, he contrasted from his pattern to get on the level of the reader to relay the message of the essay better. He does this deviation from his writing routine when he is in his narrative recollections of how he

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