Critical Analysis On Alcohol Misuse

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Critical Analysis on Alcohol misuse in the workplace
The following is a case study of a male employee, drinking beers at work while working on a case study. His behavior addressed by his employer, as a result of his conduct. Even though he appears to be fully functional, his employer was not happy and is concerned about his employee’s wellbeing as well as his industry’s reputation. The employee sees alcohol used among employees during work as an expensive problem for the industry. Drinking alcohol while doing a case study can cause drinking problems for the employee. To illustrate the point, socializing during Christmas parties, happy hours and other work activities are contributing factors that could create an alcohol misuse within the workplace. After all, this employee is drinking while conducting a case study; this can place significant risks for the industry, especially, when the drinking in the workplace is a support by the industry. In this example, it is assumed that the use of alcohol while working is prevalent and this assumption is practical for this employee to do ordinarily during work hours. What can the employer do to address drinking problems at the workplace during work? And is this program operated in-house with a confidential service for all employees? These issues can impact injuries, cause low employee morale, jeopardized the productivity of the industry.
Analysis of the problems This study is to analyze the issue with an employee who was…
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