Critical Analysis On The Philosophy Of Control

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Apply Your Skills: Case for Critical Analysis
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Dr. Carrie A. O?Hare
February 10, 2016

Five Stars: Critical Analysis on the Philosophy of Control
The new Teacher Evaluation System implemented by the State Department of Education is in question. There are issues with the like lack of accuracy and unfair evaluation practice because of excessive power in the hands of principals. The whole system was in place to increase the accountability of teachers and align their rating with that of the results of the school, but within a year of implementation one can discover several loopholes in the framework and there are no promising results. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the key issue and the loopholes in the framework of this new evaluation system and provide a better control to the Council in order to improve the performance and quality of education along with that of teachers, by providing them feedback.
Major Issue The evaluation criteria appear to be vague and inaccurate because of excessive dependency on the rating by principal (40% weight) and this loophole is exploited by principals (primarily of urban schools) as they rate majority of their faculty 5 stars, thus inflate the reputation of the institution, and exploit the process to work as a marketing strategy. Once the principals…
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