Critical Analysis Paper John Craftsman Case Study

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Findings and Recommendations of the John Craftsman
Workplace Injury Case Study

Rebecca K. Decker

University of Maryland University College

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A recent workplace injury in the International Building Materials Company’s truss construction production shop has raised concerns among employees regarding shop safety and the integrity of the equipment used in daily work activities. At the request of Executive Management, an investigation of the accident was conducted to determine what is known and not know about the incident. The goal of this investigation was to ascertain the root cause of the accident and to identify the appropriate course of action by the Company going forward that
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Craftsman’s claim that the equipment was not safe and states that shop workers raised concern about a possible design flaw related to the safety guard on the table saw by informing the shop foreman. The employees argue that the guard is poorly designed and does not’ function as it should. A recently published health and safety report has surfaced that supports the employees’ claim regarding the poor design of the safety guard.
John Craftsman’s injury was the third injury of this type in the past three months and there is growing concern among employees regarding the quality of the shop equipment and about their personal safety. The workers state that they expressed their concerns with their immediate supervisor and have also contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding what they perceive as unsafe working conditions and company’s failure to accept responsibly. They state that information has also been leaked to local media.

Case Analysis

What We Know and What It Means

The injured employee believes the Company is at fault for his injury because the company failed to ensure that the equipment he was required to use to perform his job was as not safe. His opinion is reasonable if the company knew that a design flaw existed and ignored it. No evidence has been provided that supports the claim that the Company or the shop foreman knowingly allowed unsafe equipment to be used in the

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