Critical Analysis Paper On Nursing

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Critical Reflective Analysis Paper The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon my original definition of nursing metaparadigm concepts critically, and to determine if any changes in my perception towards practice have occurred. The focus of the paper is to critically analyze the transformations that have occurred in my approach to practice. The critical analysis of nursing metaparadigm concepts has resulted in the transformation of my thinking regarding a person, nursing, and environment while my perception regarding the health remains same. Firstly, I discovered the importance of the concept of development in the definition of a person. Secondly, I learned that nursing care should be flexible and should move around the person and their…show more content…
Health I defined health as a physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of a person which is vastly shaped by their environment. This definition falls under totality paradigm. This is so because, according to totality paradigm, health is defined according to societal norms. Society sets a benchmark for what health is. Hence, health can be measured as compared to the societal norm. If the person deviates from the societal norm then the person is considered unhealthy. Similarly, I mention in my definition that health is something that is maintained by the stability of different aspects of the person. The benchmark of stability is usually set by society. My definition does not fall into simultaneity paradigm because unlike my definition, simultaneity paradigm states that health is not defined by the benchmark of society rather, health is defined only by a person, and only the person knows what health means to them. Environment According to me, environment denotes a person’s surrounding including their family, community, culture, beliefs, and values. Environment shapes the person’s health and wellbeing as well as their own view towards the definition of being healthy. My view on the concept of environment relates to Parse’s (1987) totality paradigm. Totality paradigm states that the environment is something within which the person exists. It influences the way in which the person functions. Similarly, I believe that the environment of the
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