Critical Analysis Report And Recommendations

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Part B: Critical Analysis Report and Recommendations A community assessment’s goal is to understand and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the community. This is done by gathering information through different means to see the capacity of the community; the needs and how the resources are being utilized to meet those needs. The purpose of the community assessment at Transcontinental Brampton is to see if the company is meeting the health and wellness needs of the employees that are working in the office and the plant area. Different methods were utilized to gather data from the community. Questionnaires were distributed to the different departments and the different crews that worked in the plant area. A total of 325 questionnaires were distributed and only 49 were returned. They were kept confidential and handed out by hand in the office, as they were more accessible, however in the plant, shipping, maintenance, and prepress the questionnaires were in an envelope for the foreman to give to the participants. The questionnaires helped introduce the community and the needs. The focus group was created to get an in depth perspective of the community and the differences between the positions and location of work. The focus group was also kept confidential by assigning each participant with their own unique number, which would subsequently be used as their temporary identifier. Additionally, their age and position were also noted to understand the

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