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According to William Jenkins (1989) public policy is a set of interrelated decisions taken by a political actor or a group of actors concerning the selection of goals and the means of achieving them within a specified situation where those situations showed in public policy be within the power of those actors to achieve. In this case, public policy involves making policies that are involved in enhancing health care reforms in the Canadian situation. Policies are often as a result of a multiple decisions but multiple decisions taken by multiple decision makers through government organs.
There are certain essential components necessary to ensure the success of public policy. It is a purposive, goal-oriented behavior rather random or chance
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It is for this reason that reasonable and applicable policies are made in order to ensure actualization of this policies. The United Nations (UN) affirms that health care is a right of all citizens and a country should actually come up with means of achieving and enhancing health care systems.
A health care system is the patterns of beliefs about the causes of illness, norms governing the choice and evaluation of treatment and institutions and settings in which healthcare takes place as well as relation that govern the interactions between the patients and their healers. Policy formulation is when a government acknowledges the existence of a perfect problem and the need to do something about the policy makers need to decide on some cause of action which is done by exploring the various options available for addressing the problem. A writer known as Charles Jones(2002) emphasizes that distinguishing characteristic of policy formulation is that means are proposed to resolve perception of need that exist in society. The proposals may originate in the agenda setting process itself as a problem and its solutions are placed simultaneously as a problem and its solutions are placed simultaneously in government agenda or may be developed after the government has agreed to address the problem (Caulfield & Von T, 2002).
Modernism has brought up different aspects and notions of health care. It encompasses the accessibility
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