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A) Succinctly summarize the author’s argument and how the social issue/problem is defined by the author; In this op-ed the authors argue the impact families in caring for their elderly verses the governmental influents that are imposed “families, not Government agencies, provide most services and care for the elderly. For every institutionalized senior citizen, there are at least two equally disabled elderly people receiving care at home.(Smyer&Plantz)” It is in the author’s opinion that elderly citizens should be given that choice to decide on where they want to spend the remainder of their years, the author also stress that most elderly prefer to remain in the care of someone they trust; such as family, close friends, neighbors, or…show more content…
Although this op-ed was written a while back I think the authors should have added more static to better state the point as to why family members should be entrusted with the well-care of the elderly individual. The author also fails to address the percentage of the elderly population who benefit for “institutionalization verse in-home care (Smyer&Plantz)”. C) Describe the social, political, economic, cultural values and/or ideology that form the basis for the author’s perspectives; The value and or ideology that form the basis for the authors’ perspective is that the government makes families of elderly and the elderly individuals themselves are more dependent on government institutions rather than government aiding families to be more reliable in taking care of aging family member. Liberty of choice making verses the limiting choice making the authors state that “Government has begun to consider offering formal services on an as-needed basis rather than as an all-or-nothing package. Several members of Congress, for example, are sponsoring legislation to expand the options for in-home care available to older adults and their families (Smyer&Plantz).” And finally government

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