Critical Analysis : The Psychology And Research Design

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Critical Analysis: This study was conducted by four researchers. I found limited information on the corresponding author, Karin Moesch. She is currently a Sport Psychologist at the University of Copenhagen and is a PhD student at Lund University. The focus of her expertise is in the realm of Cognitive Psychology and Research Design. She has been published five times. Anne Marie Elbe, an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, seems to be the more experienced of the researchers. She has been published upwards of twenty times and has extensive experience presenting at professional conferences. I found no information on M.L.T. Hauge or J.M. Wikman, other than being referenced for the current study. My assumption is that these individuals are students or colleagues of one or both of the previously mentioned researchers. When referencing google scholar, I noticed that this study was cited only five times. This is a very minimal amount, and it may suggest that the study is not very highly regarded. However, I find the authors to have credible backgrounds and the study to be of significance to the study of early specialization in sport. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate how the number of practice hours an athlete engages in, their involvement in other sports and their career development path positively predicts their inclusion in an elite group of athletes. A secondary purpose of the study is to determine the best approach for training
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