Critical Analysis : Transactional Analysis

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King Julien, Bellwether, and Bruce were some of the lower scoring leaders when it came to the trait approach analysis. Transactional Analysis may be another way to measure success in leadership as is trait approach. Animal leaders that tend to shift back and forth between ego states tend to have poor leadership outcomes. If we look again at Dory, Judy, and Skipper we don’t see very many or very dramatic shifts out their adult rational ego state. The traits that correlate with the shifting between ego states are emotional stability, openess, consciousness, and critical thinking. Emotional stability is probably the most significant out of the bunch. When a person is stressed and begins to teeter on his or her threshold of emotional stability…show more content…
The leader that then veered in the other direction, or towards femininity is Assistant Mayor Bellwether. Prior to Bellwether snapping, she was a strong advocate for the equal and or equitable rights between carnivores and herbivores. Whenever Lionheart seemed to show his lack of care for the herbivores Bellwether would console and provide support for that group. In fact, as Judy was constantly looked down upon, Bellwether is the only leader that consistently encouraged and pushed her to rise among the ranks of the police department. This act of high humane orientation was very transformational for Judy. Bellwether’s shifted over to the masculinity end of the dimension by the end of the movie. A consequence of this shift is that Bellwether also changes her leadership style from transformational to a fake transformational leadership. In the end, Judy eventually saw through her façade of a transformational leader and was empowered enough to stand up to Bellwether. Bellwether’s high femininity likely caused her to reach her threshold of disrespect from Lionheart. If she was more intolerant of his rudeness she may not have snapped. That may explain her dramatic shift to the masculinity end of this dimension. Judy is ironically is the balanced candidate of all the leaders. Judy has regard a high regard for gender and race egalitarianism but is
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