Critical Analysis and Evaluation of 1984, by George Orwell.

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George Orwell 1984 The New American Library Copyright 1961 George Orwell George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, was born in Bengal, India, in 1903. When he was eight years old, as it was customary, his mother brought him back to England to be educated. He was sent to a boarding school on the south coast, a school whose students were sons of the upper class. He was allowed in with lower tuition and not being from a wealthy background, he was subject to snobbery of the others at the school. In 1917 he went to Eton on a scholarship and he enjoyed himself, making friends and reading many books. Orwell graduated in 1921 and instead of going on to a university; he joined the Civil Service and went to Burma as a sergeant in the…show more content…
The videotapes with which he spoke against Oceania 's politics and Big Brother were used in the daily Two-Minute Hates. In this period of time, work ceased and everyone gathered around a telescreen, large, flat television screens that pervaded Oceania. Goldstein appeared on the telescreen and everyone was to scream and mock this man, for he was not right. A young woman, Julia, instigates a liaison between herself and Winston. Rebelling against Big Brother, they make love, which Winston believes is a severe thoughtcrime. He felt that sexual relationships accompanying love would result in a loyalty between individuals that is contrary to the desires of the Party. They then rent an apartment and take comfort that O 'Brien, a vigorous, intelligent man of mysteriously high rank in the Inner Party, is their friend. O 'Brien lets Winston read a seditious book. This book describes the relationships of Oceania with Eastasia and Eurasia. Once O 'Brien had enough evidence to convict Winston and Julia, the two were arrested in their rented room. They were imprisoned in the Ministry of Love where O 'Brien put Winston through the first two stages of his retraining. Over the nine months of "rehabilitation" he learned to love O 'Brien and they conversed as if friends. The last stage came in the dreaded Room 101, where Winston was made to face what he secretly feared most, rats. He betrays Julia and is subjugated physically, mentally,
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