Critical Analysis of A Journal Article on Mentoring

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Introduction "Tech-infused mentoring" by Judy Corner proposes numerous benefits from online technology's application to a company's mentoring program. Unfortunately, her reasoning and procedures do not support her optimistic conclusions. Corner spends too much writing space simply talking about the benefits of mentoring and generally referring to the benefits of online technology without giving nuts-and-bolts implementation procedures. The result is a professional journal article that is really a "fluff" piece. Body Summary of Main Points The selected article is "Tech-infused mentoring" by Judy Corner (Corner, June 2012). The main points of her article are that web technology can enhance mentoring by: finding a sufficient group of eligible participants for the mentoring program; finding the optimum mentor-mentee relationships from the pool of individuals in the program; guaranteeing that everyone involved in the mentoring program receives uniform information about the mentoring program; developing methods to keep mentors and mentees in touch; following, assessing and illustrating the achievements of the mentoring program; constructing an efficient case and plan for a company's mentoring program. Explanation of Whether or Not the Article Supports the Above Concept(s) as Presented in the Text The article supports the above concepts very generally but seems to replace specifics with quite a bit of pro-mentoring filler. The author begins by giving her definition of
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