Critical Analysis of “Are Dogs more Intelligent than Cats?” by Stanley Coren

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Coren explains that it is difficult to compare intelligence between two different species because “each are specialized to do different things.” One test that is the same cannot be given to both species because of the difference in their daily lives. Both species have different strengths and weaknesses. Coren claims that people argue that the bigger brain an animal has, the smarter that species is. This was found untrue because animals who are larger have larger brains to accommodate functions of their larger body. Coren states that “As a general rule, animals that hunt for a living (like canines) are smarter than strict vegetarians (you don’t need much intelligence to outsmart a leaf of lettuce).” Coren adds that another factor “is how social the animals are.” Animals that socialize and interact are smarter, this is why dogs have been found more intelligent than cats. Cats are more independent and much less sociable. This causes them to have less chances of gaining intelligence. In recent data it was found that dogs are more subjected to newer demands, which increases their intelligence. Because of more demands put on dogs their intelligence is rising while “cats have remained at much the same level of mental ability that they had when we first domesticated them.” At…
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