Critical Analysis of Film

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Give a critical analysis of the Western Holly Wood film High Noon. This essay will focus on the current representation of women and men in the classical Holly Wood western film High Noon, focusing on the gender roles of each character and the stereotypical roles that are given. High Noon is a 1952 Western film directed by Fred Zinnemann, one which broke genre rules of masculine ideals and popular themes of cowboys and indians (Johans;1994). The male protagonist Marshal Kane (Gary Cooper ) starts out as the typical unambiguous, uncomplicated hero of a cowboy. He was represented and given the typical role of the handsome, older man who likes to be in charge however, unlike most cowboy films he turns in his badge to become a shopkeeper…show more content…
She has saved her husband’s life, rather than him saving hers, which is a change in the stereotypical gender roles of a cowboy movie. Bibliography (1) High Noon (1952), Film, Directed by Fred Zinnemann, USA; Stanley Kramer Productions Masculinity & the 1950’s – JOHANS Transformations in American Popular Political Culture during the Cold War – COSTELLO References Johans B, (1994). McCarthyism, Masculinity & The 1950's Western Johans B, (1994). McCarthyism, Masculinity & The 1950's Western Costello Matthew. (2003) ‘Transformations in American Popular Political Culture During the Cold War’, Rewriting High Noon, Vol. 33.1 (2),
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