Critical Analysis of 'Frustration'

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Critical Analysis of
Isaac Asimov

Name: Joshua Hilstad

Thesis Statement: Wars can never be justified by one person, or group, thinking they are better than someone else, but unfortunately the human characteristic of self-righteousness never changes.

The concept of this story is that war can never be justified through self-righteousness. That is, if a person is trying to start a war because he thinks himself to be better than his target, there is no just reason for him to do it. Most, if not all, wars are primarily begun by one man believing himself to be better than is target. This is proven through the history of Rome and other nations.
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In reply Peter says, “Yes, of course. But the computer will presumably compare the casualties and other damage-to the economy and ecology, for instance-to the benefits that would derive from our control of the world, and if it decides the benefits outweigh the casualties, then it will give the go-ahead for a ‘just war’”. The computers in the story could not find a good enough excuse for a “just war” because they had no sense of self-righteousness. They did not
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