Critical Analysis of Healthcare Campaigns

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Situation Analysis Table of Contents Section Page Number Abstract 3 (A)Part One 3-11 Critical Analysis of Healthcare Campaigns; Situation Analysis Background to Campaigns Reasons for formulating campaigns Segmentation of the audience Use of 7 P's for the marketing of services Particular references to the promotion Elements of the communication model Evaluation of the success of campaigns (B) Part Two 11-13 Omissions in the Discussed Campaign in Part One Integration of Marketing Theory in Proposed Actions (C) Conclusions 13-14 Appendix 15-16 References 17-18 Abstract Marketing is an appropriate strategy for healthcare organizations, as it develops the relationship between organizations and their clients. Marketing is an approach to profit maximization for the healthcare organizations. This paper intends to analyze the issues related to marketing concerning healthcare organizations, specifically focusing on promotions in the healthcare sector. The paper discusses a campaign for promotions in the sector, and then further analyzes the marketing strategies used, and the loopholes experienced. The segmentation of specific sections is discussed, with approaches such as 7 P's adopted for marketing the healthcare services. Elements of communication, during the promotion and evaluation that gauges the success of the campaign, are the main contents of this paper. In the final section of the essay, there is an assumption of the marketing manager position, and an
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