Critical Analysis of Language Teaching Resources

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Critical analysis of language teaching resources

a) Write an exposition of what you consider to be essential criteria for effective language learning materials design and support your opinion from your readings

Effective language learning is the necessity of time. No matter in which discipline you are or what field of occupation you have effective language is a vital goal to success, which cannot be ignored. There are several standards, which determine the criteria for effective language and the learning processes. However, determining a standard is the first and foremost element in this regard. Language teaching and language learning are two entirely different fields, which have their
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Audio tapes are highly usable in the cases where there is a matter of selection of words. The long narrations on the audio tapes gather the interest of the learners and also serve them have a much better understanding of the actual meanings of the words and where the words can be used. This is the most vital success tool in the language learning process to learn and create a know how in the intellect that was to use which word and what are the substitutes of that particular word, and if we substitute the word. What would be the impact on the sentence, whether it will make sense then or not? All these linguistic characteristics and education are most of the times furnished by the visual and audio aid to the learner. There are several audios and videos available, which assist the individuals to learn in a quick and best manner. This practice saves time and creates ease for the learners and the teachers collectively. Individuals who are interested in the self teaching programs, like many offered on the Internet also make use of the visual and audio aid with the intention to make their English perfect. (Lynch)

Language Development Process and Associated Influential Elements
Spoken language is the first steps in the language development process. Speaking is considered much easier than writing, which is totally wrong. Both writing and speaking if carried together can be effective otherwise not. For instance, if an
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