Critical Analysis of Night and Left to Tell

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Critical Analysis of Left to Tell and Night

Andrew Hayes
SOC 111- Social Problems
Prof. John Sterlacci

While reading the books, Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza, and Night by Elie Wiesel, the similarity in person was very prominent. Noticing how closely related these two authors were in their time of struggle and how they conquered their struggles to become survivors. Family, personality, religion, and lifestyle all played separate parts in the story which were told. Though these authors share many similarities, there are still a few ways they differ in the events they were exposed to.
Family plays a role in nearly everyone’s life. For Immaculee, family was the most treasured thing she had. She had a strong connection with
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She stood up to her family and gave them a strong person they could believe and rely on; she organized her family back into their normal actions. Her father then started to rally the Tutsi people who gathered for his guidance to fight against the people who attacked them, whether it is the government or the Interahamwe, which was a Hutu militia.
When discussing the personality of Elie, the subject is not as strong as an individual but is not a negative aura. As said before, he spent a lot of time with his father therefore he had his father to guide him and be his support. He did however, suffer from a loss of a family member, his father, right before him and remained to stay strong enough to be released from the holocaust to return to two of his surviving sisters. There was a point in the story where Elie and his father were sent to a line for the crematory, then moved into a different building where they were stripped and barricaded. This may have shaded his personality from interfering with his surroundings due to the confusion of what was happening and also the sure fear in everyone surrounding him.
Religion was one of the bigger subjects in both of these stories. Immaculee held onto her faith as a Christian very closely. As a matter of fact it was a Pastor by the name of Pastor Murinzi who she fled to during the time when her father leading Tutsi men to fight against the Hutu
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